Diesel In America?

Last week I discussed the possibility of diesel engines becoming more popular in America, this is something that has already happened in Europe. I mentioned one setback was the fact that diesels emit nitrogen oxides and emission standards in this country are continuing to crack down on those.

Some of these new standards will soon be taking effect and will most likely hurt Volkswagen, who is a leader in the area of diesel passenger cars. They will not be able to offer diesel versions of several popular models in 2007. However, they hope to be up to the standards by 2008.

In last weeks blog, I mentioned a few options for automakers to use when lowering nitrogen oxide emissions. Honda has just announced a patent for new technology to do just that.

In Honda’s treatment system, exhaust flows through a plasma reactor, or gaseous layer of electrically charged atoms, according to a U.S. patent obtained by Bloomberg News. That separates out harmful nitrogen oxides and forms nitrogen dioxide that’s then reduced or absorbed by alkali metals and silver.

It looks like the diesel models will have to stick to the other side of the Atlantic for now. However, in time they might make the jump to our shores in full force.

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