Extended Warranty Fraud Investigation

A Ford Dealership in Michigan is being reported as selling faulty extended warranties to its car buyers. The accusations from customers against the dealership are in terms of the business’ ability to follow through with warranty car repairpayment, leaving customers with repair bills they anticipated covered. The article also states that the car owners are getting disappointing claims from repair shops that the warranty they presented isn’t fully inundated.

A story like this is exactly the reason why an extended warranty should come with all of the guarantees, and the company providing the warranty with recommendation and solid reputation. Your automobile coverage can save you hundreds or even thousands, but only if it is recognized valid by the mechanic. When you purchase a warranty straight from the dealership, you risk the case that the business may put you in a worse situation than if you’d never purchased the warranty to begin with. Invest in a warranty from an upstanding company to ensure that there is no question about your coverage when it is needed.

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