Warranty Coverage For Any Repair Location

In the continuation to unfold the various shapes and sizes that auto warranties come in, a limiting factor of some coverage companies is the location allowance, or lack thereof. It’s safe to say that most Americans do not have a specific repair shop over a long period of time. Even the most consistent customers to a particular maintenance shop are forced to find a new location at some point due to a move, a closing, or possibly a new and higher maintenance vehicle. auto repairThere are many reasons a customer would need to switch around their auto repair preferences, but the bottom line is if your warranty allows for it.

Some warranties bind the client to particular locations for auto repair. This can be a hassle on scheduling, travel distance, and the repair shop may tend to cost more than the local competition. Perhaps if you’re partial to a particular repair shop you won’t need to investigate too deeply any limitations an auto warranty requires for the place of repair. But if you’re in the market for an automobile warranty that does not limit on maintenance locations, be sure to read the fine print.

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